Congratulations to Aurélie and Petri!

Aurélie Toivonen, who just finished the 2nd year of our Ph.D. program, and Petri Toivonen, who just finished the 1st year, just got an article published in the International Journal of Project Management.

The transformative effect of top management governance choices on project team identity and relationship with the organization — An agency and stewardship approach

Abstract.— This study focuses on the relationship and identity changes within and between a project team and its organization following top management intervention in the context of a large international construction project. The study follows the project-as-practice

orientation, examining the actions and behaviors of the project team through participant ethnography in the “praxis” of the project site over its entire duration. The longitudinal case allows the examination of the way the transition process established a new governance culture undermining the initial trust-based one and changed it from a virtual absence of mechanisms toward far more potent mechanisms of control, monitoring, and punishment. Simultaneously, the initial stewardship relationships and collectivist identity of the project team shifted toward agency relationships and individualistic identity. The triggers for the transformation process were identified as CEO succession, project failure, top management intervention driven changes in governance mechanisms, and perception of organizational betrayal of the project team.

Access the full article (DOI: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2014.07.001) here: