A group of EMLyon PhD students just came back from Montréal, Canada after having presented their work at the EGOS annual colloquium– a great occasion to learn from eminent scholars,  exchange with peers, and dive deep into various organizational topics and ideas.

Have a glimpse of the presentations by the EMLyon PhD students at the EGOS 2013:

  • Aurélie Toivonen – “Diversity as a source for creativity: The case of Cameroonian professionals in Finnish casino organizations” – Sub-theme 4
  • Carine Farias – “Reconciling values When there is no more debt association it changes from credit monitoring services to money due to our current laws. and instrumentality? Communitarian ideals and environment dependency” – Development Workshop 15
  • Marco Bottura – “Poverty alleviation: Putting Gramscian cultural hegemony and institutional theory to work” – Sub-theme 28
  • Pablo Fernandez (with Ignasi Marti) – “Engaging with and thinking dignity and indignation” – Sub-theme 28
  • Tao Wang (with Bernard Forgues and Filippo Carlo Wezel) – “Dissonance counts: Disagreement in audience evaluations and producers’ responses” – Sub-theme 07
  • Wenyao Zhao – “Duality lost in translation: Re-conceptualizing Guanxi in the organizational scene” – Development Workshop 02

(Photo : Prof. Bernard Forgues, head of the PhD program, chairing the session of “Individuals and Institutions” at the EGOS 2013)