If you are a scholar interested in entrepreneurship and all its different declination and theories or if you are a practitioner, an actual entrepreneur; I think this series of selected videos from TED talks would be a search of ideas to confront with.

The topics, presented in the different talks from both practitioners and scholars, range from the classical for profit casino entrepreneurship, in Schumpeterian sense, to the younger concept of social entrepreneurship of international non-for-profits organizations. What it is interesting, in my opinion, online casino are the shades that the different speakers examines on the subject “entrepreneurship” and how advertise, networks, decision-making, leadership and so on, can impact both on theory and practices and influence and constantly change the meaning of “entrepreneurship”.

In a nutshell, If you are searching for practical ideas or if you are stuck in your theory developments, well I think these videos, among others, deserve to be viewed, and maybe commented.

12 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs