Congratulations to Carine!

Carine Farias, a 3rd-year Ph.D. student from EMLYON won the best doctoral paper award at APROS. APROS is the Asia-Pacific scholarly association for organization studies. Its 15th conference was held in Tokyo.

A fly in the soup: Communitarian ideals and political engagement over time


Beyond the challenging project of living together and recreating Gemeinschaft-like relationships, some contemporary intentional communities also defend political claims. Such communities consider themselves as sites for struggle and intend to encourage social transformation in their surrounding environment. In their willingness to impact the sociopolitical environment, they resemble social movements. How such intentional communities foster and sustain political engagement overtime? Focusing on a forty-year-old intentional community

in Europe and using ethnographic methods, three possible directions are explored to address this question: (1) an interactional construction of a collective memory rooted in political actions; (2) a framing process connecting local practices to broader issues and enabling insurgent consciousness development; (3) constant exchanges with participants in related social movements. The practices involved in those three directions seem to be necessary in the construction of an intentional community as a site for struggle.