Many of you may be familiar with the popular comic strip based on the academic day life of the average Phd Student (; but you may not know that his creator, Jorge Cham, has actually earned a Phd in Robotics from Stanford University and worked as a research associate at Caltech, before becoming a full-time cartoonist.

The two following videos are worthy to be seen, between one ASQ paper and an AMJ one, because they discuss the role of Science in society and knowledge creation in academia nowadays.

In the first video “the Science Gap”, Cham is presenting at a TEDx conference his views on what the relationship between the scientific world and the rest of society is at the moment, and how it should spread, also with the help of means like his comic, to make society more and better aware about the scientific world.

The second video is a very interesting discussion, in form of an animated comic, between two scientists. Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen discuss how the reviewing process of scientific journals and the publishing corporation’s property rights over submitted articles impede knowledge spreading among the scientific community.

What they suggest is to put in place an open system of knowledge sharing, for example throughout a system of on-line “copy-left” journals that would allow the scientific community to progress, regardless of impact factors of proprietary journals and current restriction to published articles.