Photograph by Bernard Forgues--yes I came here early, and yes it was sunny on Saturday!

Prague Astronomical Clock, 15th century

Several Ph.D. students and ABDs from EMLYON are in beautiful Prague for the SMS conference.

To quote Strategic Management Society Program Chairs Björn Ambos, Igor Filatotchev, and Ondrej Landa, “The magnificent city embodies the spirit of the conference theme, Strategy in Transition, like few other places on this planet. (…) Significant, and truly historic, transitions have shaped not only the societal institutions and the physical landscape of Prague, but particularly the minds of people in Central and Eastern Europe. Business and institutional strategies have undergone fundamental transformations as well. We are keen to explore the impact of these strategies and their bearing on long-term changes and transformations of businesses, public institutions, and their interrelationship.”

Six Ph.D. students and candidates from EMLYON Ph.D. Program are here in Prague to present their research (along with some faculty members, not listed here).

Should you be in Prague too, please come meet them!