A 4-Day Seminar

Taught by David Silverman
October 1-4, EMLYON Business School


This course serves as a basic primer for PhD students, combining 'hands on' guidance on completing a good qualitative research project with practical advice on the criteria used in publication. The course involves lectures, workshops, feedback sessions and one to one supervisions. It derives from my experience over twenty-five years of teaching introductory workshops for research students, a course in Concepts and Methods of Qualitative Research for MA students and an undergraduate qualitative research course. These courses have convinced me that the only way to learn the craft skills of qualitative research is to apply classroom knowledge about different methodologies to actual data. I hope you enjoy the course.

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During the workshops, I will be able to meet with students individually to give advice on their research. I realize that you have just begun the course and may not have a casino clear idea of  your research topic at this early stage. My aim is to help you to think through your options and to choose the most effective research design.



David Silverman is Professor Emeritus, Sociology Department, Goldsmiths College and Visiting Professor, Management Department, Kings College, University of London
He is the author of seminal textbooks Interpreting Qualitative Data (Fourth Edition, 2012), and Doing Qualitative Research (Third Edition, 2010). He has also written A Very Short, Fairly Interesting, Reasonably Cheap Book about Qualitative Research (2007), edited Qualitative Research (Third Edition, 2011), and co-edited Qualitative Research Practice (2006).


Monday October 1
09.30-12.00: Workable research topics
13.00-15.30: Qualitative data analysis
Tuesday October 2
09.30-12.00: Naturally-occurring data
13.00-15.30: Analyzing interview data
Wednesday October 3
09.30-12.00: Analyzing documents
13.00-15.30: How many cases do I need?
Thursday October 4
09.30-12.00: Credible qualitative research
13.00-15.30: Effective qualitative research
As the name implies, these seminars are:

  • open. Although part of EMLYON Ph.D. program, these seminars are also opened to Ph.D. students and faculty members from other institutions. The fee for other institutions is €200 for PhD students and €400 for faculty members.
  • intensive. These high level doctoral seminars consist in intensive training courses about very specialized topics, representative of HEC scientific research community.

For additional information about the seminar, send an email message to Ms. Catherine Perrier: perrier@em-lyon.com